Raffle Ticket Winner:  Scott Spare of SweetValley, PA

Thank you to all who participated and made the raffle such a success.  Brothers in Christ raised $1500.00.

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"There are three things that will endure - faith, hope, and love..... and the greatest of these is love."

                                             Corinthians 13:13   

 AUDIO BIBLE LESSONS -   At the enlightened age of 82, world renowned instructor Jean Yanakos has been a Christian for more than 65 years! During those 65 years, she has led thousands to Christ as a pastor, a radio host, and international conference speaker. Hear Ms. Yanakos share years of accumulated wisdom about the greatest teacher of all time.....Jesus Christ.


Ever wonder what a 'Life in Christ' means? Do you hear mixed messages from the world around you?
If I accept Christ, do I have to give away all of my money? Stop drinking? Click here to read a narrative on what a life in Christ is, and what the bible says about it. Dispel some myths right here, right now!

Click here to find out about what a 'Life in Christ' consists of!



Connect with a virtual community of Christian Brothers to share insightful life experiences, and offer some revelations of your own.  Soak up the fellowship that can only be experienced through an intimate Christian setting. "Small groups" are springing up throughout the entire Christian community, and offer a wonderful way to share the living word of God. Don't choose to be alone; begin walking with your Brothers in Christ as Jesus did with His disciples.  Come and begin your walk today, join our open message board community, we would really like to hear from you!


God ministers to the world through people. As a Christian, you have the light of Christ within you;  thus we all serve as beacons of light for Christ. Why not get involved and breathe life into the lives of others through ministry.  If you don't see a ministry at Brothers in Christ that excites you, then please help us create one that does! Our ministries are quite diverse, and range from feeding the homeless, to addressing men's health issues, to improving parenting skills, to offering emotional support for divorced and separated men, up to and including publishing newspaper articles about the drastic lifestyle changes taking place to the Pigmy population in Africa.  As you can see, our causes are expansive, however, there is plenty of room to put your talents to work for an existing or completely new cause!



Scripture commands that we pick up the Cross and love others with all our heart. Jesus reminds us repeatedly what our responsibilities are to one another as Brothers in Christ.
Let's delve together into scripture and other inspired messages to learn more about the lessons and many blessings God has in store for us. By studying scriptures, we begin the journey of understanding God's divine words. Bye the way, when was the last time you heard God speak to your heart through scripture? Were you quiet enough to actually hear it?

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